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Den Verkaufsraum der Bäckerei. In den Regalen liegen Backwaren wie Brote und Kuchen.

The bakery

For sweet tooth

The bakery can be found in Paderborn village. In the bakery we have a tasty selection of different baked goods for you, just as they were baked in the past.
Try for example our famous "museum mice" or take our delicious museum bread home with you.  

Baking as before

The Königswinter oven

The oven was first used in 1901. It is made up of pariculary fire-resistant stone that come from the Drachenfels near Königswinter on the Rhine. The bakers heated the oven using the flaps on the left and right of the baking opening. Baking and heating had to be done alternately. So even today, our delicious baked goods are still produced in this oven.

Ein Bäcker steht mit einem Backblech voller Kekse an einem aus Stein gemauerten Backofen.