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A group of 18 adults. Some are a bit older. Some use a walker or sit in a wheelchair.


Driving by car to the Paderborn Village

You can use your own car to drive to the Paderborn Village. There are 20 special parking lots. From the Paderborn Village you can easily reach the Sauerland Village and the Siegerland Hamlet. Please register at the entrance and have your ID ready.

Exploring the museum

Travelling by horse cart

You can take the horse cart. It travels between the entrance and the Paderborn Village about every 20 minutes. You can take your wheelchair or walker with you.

The back part of our inclusion horse cart. A boy pushes a wheelchair over a ramp into the horse cart. Next to him is a girl with an assistance dog.

Access ramps and wheelchairs

Many historic buildings have access ramps for wheelchair users.
The information signs show which paths can be traveled by wheelchair. In addition, there is an overview plan in the information office at the entrance, in which all important information is entered.

Eine ältere Frau, die mit ihrer Gehhilfe über eine Rampe in eines unserer Häuser geht. Hinter ihr eine Frau, die einen Rollstuhlfahrer schiebt.

On the site we have some disabled toilets:

  • In the house next to the entrance

  • In the Paderborn village:
    Ground floor of the restaurant „Im Weißen Ross“
    Ground floor from satble Wintrup

  • In the Sauerland village:
    Ground floor of the Bistro Sauerland 


Ein Schild mit Symbolen darauf. DIe Symbole und der Pfeil auf dem Schild weisen den Weg zu den Toiletten und Behindertentoiletten.


Please leash your dogs.
Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed in the houses while having the work utensils on. All other dogs must wait in front of the houses.

Ein Mädchen, das auf einer Treppe vor einem unserer Häuser sitzt. Der Assistenzhund wird von dem Mädchen mit Wasser versorgt.

Guided tours for all

You can book tours for blind and visually impaired museum guests.
Furthermore, we offer guided tours for deaf, hearing impaired and mentally handicapped guests.
Please contact the information office for more information.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen bei einer Führung im Paderborner Dorf. Darunter einige mit Behinderung sowie Kinder und ein Hund.

Further information

Reduced entrance fee: 4 Euro

Contact information office:

Phone: +49 (0) 5231 / 706 – 104


Ein Piktokramm mit einem i in der Mitte.