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Our Theme Year 2024

At the LWL Open Air Museum Detmold, the signs are pointing to change. Building has a tradition in the open-air museum: From the construction of the first historical buildings on the museum grounds to so-called whole-part translocations, where houses are dismantled into a few large parts and transported, to the new entrance and exhibition building currently being built, visitors have always been able to experience the museum in the making.

In addition to the permanent exhibition with about 115 historical buildings, guests this year will gain exciting insights into the construction projects of the past and present at various stations on the museum grounds. The workshop centre in the tent in the Paderborn Village is the hub for this. Here we invite you to exchange ideas, participate creatively, and change perspectives.

In addition, the museum goes outside – with a temporary presence in the Detmold city centre as well as with the open-air mobile in individual districts. We will keep you updated on our website for the theme year.